Tuesday, March 15, 2011

YAY for our BLOG! :)

Hello readers and welcome to our new blog!! :)

We are so very excited about this, and hope to be able to explore new things, meet new people, and hold giveaways and great contests on here as well!

Please "follow" our blog to get updates on sales, contests, and general information!

We figured we would start off our first entry with a little bit about us and how SNSB got started! 

SweetNskully was founded and is operated by Marley & Brianna! We have known each other since we were widdle wuvies in kindergarten! When I (Marley) found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time with a little GIRL, I was ecstatic and could not wait to do EVERYTHING girlie! I knew right away my little lady would be a bowhead. I quickly started researching bows and flowers and anything I could find! I found some cute, custom bows at little local boutiques, but knew my budget could not afford the $15 it was, for just one bow! I started researching online, and that's when Etsy quickly became my weakness! After realizing I would probably need quite a collection for my little girl, I thought to myself, I can probably make those! Brianna was a craft lover, always making new things and had big plans for herself as a stay at home mom. She quickly jumped on board to help me make bows, and well....the rest is history! :)

A little bit about Bri...

My name is Brianna or better known as Bri by most :) I am the proud mommy to a handsome 2 1/2 year old boy, Jayden Zechariah and a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl, Kaydence Aubrey..they are my whole life :) I have been married to my husband for almost 2 years! He is my best friend and one of the best dads I know! I love my life and feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my beautiful babies and run a business with my best friend that I enjoy doing SO much! I love everything about girlyness including bows, make up, clothes and the list could go on  forever! :) I love crafting in pretty much every form! I love photography and the art of it! I also am quite the fan of tattoos, with a tattoo artist for a husband I have quite alot :) I was born and raised in California..but we decided to take a turn and come back to my husbands roots out here in Maine, so this is where we currently reside...we are currently planning our move back home to California...YIPEE!!!

A little bit about Marley...

I am a working at home mommy of my two beautiful babies - Weston, who will be four at the end of this month, and Kennadie...who is now 13 months old. I am married to my very best friend, Kyle, who happens to be the greatest father in this world and my rock! I love to cook, swim, jump on the trampoline with my little munchkins, draw with sidewalk chalk, play "LaLa's" and have tea parties with my little lady, and practice baseball with my little man. I am constantly trying new things, and always adding to my resume. I LOVE making bows, painting, taking pictures and baking! I've become quite the cake pop lover. I have found a passion for photography and my new Canon camera, so I am here to capture every little moment. We are completely blessed in our lives and love to be outdoors taking advantage of every second in our beautiful Southern California weather! I am absolutely in awe of what this fun hobby has turned into for me! We have the most wonderful customers on this planet and I could not ask for more! Live.Laugh.Love. <3

Soooo YAY! We are excited for our blog and hope you are too! :)



  1. Congrats on the blog! I love your stuff. So, so cute!

    I'm on etsy, too, both as a seller and an (obsessive) buyer. I make crocheted headbands for babies and toddlers. I'm just starting out, can't even dream about the success you guys have had with your bows. So amazing!

    If you want to check out my stuff,


    I have a little girl, nine months old now, with more bows than she could ever wear, although, I think I may just have to purchase a few more from your shop! <3

  2. Hooray for me! Now to get some blocks;)