Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We are VERY excited to close this giveaway, and announce the winners of these absolutely AMAZING items from these fabulous vendors!! Thank you all, SO SO much for being apart of our page, sending all of your love, and supporting us in this adventure! THE WAIT IS OVER...THE WINNERS ARE...............

3 Little Birds Boutique - ASHLEY BLACKMON
A Stitch in Time -  MELANIE BRIGGS
Ashley Major {Pampered Chef} - RUTH GIBBONE
BikiniFit - ANNE NACK
Birdie Baby Boutique - BAYLEE GAZE
Blossom Bands - MOMMA OF 3 ALTONS
Born Platinum - THE PAOLETTI'S
Capture By Faith Photography - GISELLE FERGUSON
Izzy B Samples - SHELBY SUGGS
Kimié Rain Creations - HANNAH ERMIS
Kirra's Boutique - LINDSEY WILSON
Kiwi & Kiki - AMANDA KAY
Lillian Grace Originals - STEPHANIE LESSOR
Lily Evans - NIKKIE S
Lil Monster Hats - MARK VANDINE
Misty's Mystical Jewelry - APRIL BRAWLEY
SoCal Baby Clothing - SANDRA GEARHART
The Funky Frame Shop - SUMER KOHLER
The TomKat Studio - BRITTANY CHORD
The Wrap Around the Block Shoppe - MACKENZIE DILLAVOU
Two Little Feathers Photography - TORI LYNN
Vintage Lucy's - LAUREN NICOLE

I will be sending all of the vendors the above list, but it will be THE WINNERS' responsibility to get a hold of the vendor for your prize! If the prizes are not claimed within 48 hours, we will choose another winner!



Monday, July 25, 2011

sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE's 6000 FAN GIVEAWAY!!

 First and foremost...THANK YOU! Thank you for being apart of this amazing journey we are on. We cannot believe something that was once a little hobby, has turned into our own website, great conversations, many lessons learned, lasting friendships, and 6000 wonderful new friends on facebook! WOW! I don't know what else to say, but THANK YOU! 

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for YOU! So we have put together this absolutely unreal list of amazing vendors (and friends of ours) who have given their specialties to US, to pass on to YOU! Each and every one of these vendors was hand selected by us, because they are not only great businesses with great items, but also beautiful people too! 

Are you ready for this!??  I'm not sure you are!!.......

3 Little Birds has donated a $20.00 credit to her online store (www.3littlebirdsboutique.com)

A Stitch in Time has donated this adorable fabric headband!  

Ashley Major - Pampered Chef consultant is giving away this Measure & Mix Set!
BikiniFit has donated a Body Wrap Applicator!

Birdie Baby Boutique has donated a $20.00 credit to her shop!

Blossom Bands has donated (1) custom Blossom Band (You choose colors!)

Born Platinum has donated a $25.00 credit to her store!

Capture By Faith Photography has donated this beautiful Vintage Chic headband!

Hootie Hu has donated this gorgeous Hot Pink and Black/Cream Damask Minky Blanket!

Izzy B Designs is donating (1) month of Shout-outs to 18,000+ fans on her facebook page!
Izzy B Samples is giving away a $25.00 credit to her website (www.izzybonline.com)!

Kimié Rain Creations is giving away this adorable Bow Cuff bracelet (16.5 inches) and this adjustable Skull Cameo Ring!

Kiwi and Kiki are giving away a $15.00 credit to their shop! 

Kirra's Boutique has donated a $25.00 credit to her shop!

Lillian Grace Originals has donated (1) of her super cute Pillowcase Dresses! (You choose size and style - any in stock fabric!)

Lily Evans is giving away this yummy Body Wash (In your choice of scent!)

Lil Monster Hats is giving away an amazing crochet hat of your choice! (Excludes Zebra & Miss Piggy!)

Misty's Mystical Jewelry is giving away this stinking cute custom Pea Pod Pendant! (You choose up to 5 peas, and the colors!)

Nori Shoes is giving away a $20.00 credit to her site (norishoes.com)!

Quote Krazy is giving away this "It's the Little Things" vinyl lettering!

SoCal Baby Clothing is giving away a $25.00 credit to their website!

The Funky Frame Shop is giving away an 11x14 frame in the winner's choice of style and color!
The TomKat Studio is giving away a $35.00 credit to their shop! 
The Wrap Around the Block Shoppe is giving away a $20.00 credit to their shop!

Two Little Feathers Photography is giving away this super sweet Frayed Flower Damask Headband!

Vintage Lucy's is giving away a t-shirt of the winner's choice!
The Giveaway starts today...Monday, July 25th and will run till we reach 1000 entries or till Monday, August 8th at Midnight EST (Whichever comes first). Once we do this, we will draw ONE WINNER FOR EACH prize within 24 hours! So we will have 26 winners total! These winners will be selected by random number generator. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their winnings or another winner will be selected.
You have three chances to enter. Please complete the tasks below and leave one comment on this blog post for each task completed.
Entry #1: Visit EVERY vendor on Facebook and “like” their page. (See list below!) Leaving love is optional, but MUCH appreciated!
Entry #2: Make this your Facebook status ”Go check out @sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE, and enter their amazing 6000 fan GIVEAWAY http://sweetnskullybowtique.blogspot.com!” Be sure to type the @symbol before sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE, so that it tags our page!
Entry #3: If you haven't already, 'LIKE' sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE on Facebook, and Follow this sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE blog!
3 Little Birds Boutique

We want to thank all of these wonderful vendors one more time for making this giveaway so amazing. We appreciate and look up to each and every one of you!
Good Luck!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

5000 Fan Giveaway WINNERS!! :)

We are VERY excited to announce the winners of each of our absolutely AWESOME giveaways! Below is a list of each vendor and their winner!

1. Born Platinum - Kati Bell
2. A Stitch in Time - Stephanie Hernandez
3. Two Little Monsters Block Shop - Leah Dewitt
4. SoCal Baby - Hayley Rhinehart
5. Riylee's Boutique Creations - Ashley George
6. Elisa's Scrumptious Treats - Andrea Todd
7. Lily Evans Shop - Cyndie Baxley Schmidt
8. Bake Me Away - Lisa Garner
9. Nori Boutique Designs - Amber Baldino
10. Kimie Rain Creations - Kourtney Perkowski
11. Lovely Little Treasures - Zoe Hunter Lee
12. 3 Little Birds - Karla Kramer
13. Be.Loved.Photography - Bethany Harper
14. Captured Moments Photography - Kathleen Morphew Reader
 15. First Step Photo - Daisy Moreno
 16. Kirra's Boutique - Juana Salazar
 17. Jamie Mahlum ~ Wickless & Lovin' It with Scentsy - Christy Beck
18. Crystals Creations - Photo Winner - Holly Sharman
19. Little Whimsy Wears - Megan Gregg
20. Dimples n' Daisies Baby Boutique - Amber Plummer
21. Sassy 4 Invites - Jenny Contreras
22. Carrissa's Custom Diaper Cakes - Madelyn Feeney
23. Crystals Creations - Kelly Heuring-Lewis
24. Calixto's Closet - Michael & Heather Runyan
25. Busy Bees Boutique - Paige Townsend
26.Tutu Cute Bowtique - Jennifer Yurush
27. Sassafras Bowtique - Christine Marie Rosin Drumb
28. Tutu Creations Boutique - Ashley Hess
29. Bella Ballerina Boutique - Mary E. Whittle
 30. Chunkybutt Boutique - Jennifer Zizzi
 31. Little Miss Attitude Boutique - Sandra Gearhart
 32. Simply Sweet BOWtique - Nea Sands
 33. Elli's Bows - Malika Liggin
34. JuJu-B's Creative Place - Bonnie Elizabeth Brown
35. One Chick's Designs - Lori Fry McGhee
 36. Sianna's Kreations - Janice Biondi
 37. Vanilla Bean Creations - Jessica Trier
38. K Belle's Boutique - RellaAnn McDonald
39. Designs on Demand - Andy Turner
40. Pink Heart Designs - Tanya Curtis
 41. Christine Sabatowski, an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef - Jennifer M. Ellis
 42. Sasha & Kristin's Boutique - Amanda 'Berg' Grout

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners! If you have won, please comment below that you acknowledge and then go ahead and contact the vendor in regards to your winnings! We are SO very grateful to each and every sponsor for making this giveaway so wonderful!! We hope to celebrate again in the future with more amazing giveaways! While you're here, please 'follow' our blog!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

YAY for our BLOG! :)

Hello readers and welcome to our new blog!! :)

We are so very excited about this, and hope to be able to explore new things, meet new people, and hold giveaways and great contests on here as well!

Please "follow" our blog to get updates on sales, contests, and general information!

We figured we would start off our first entry with a little bit about us and how SNSB got started! 

SweetNskully was founded and is operated by Marley & Brianna! We have known each other since we were widdle wuvies in kindergarten! When I (Marley) found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time with a little GIRL, I was ecstatic and could not wait to do EVERYTHING girlie! I knew right away my little lady would be a bowhead. I quickly started researching bows and flowers and anything I could find! I found some cute, custom bows at little local boutiques, but knew my budget could not afford the $15 it was, for just one bow! I started researching online, and that's when Etsy quickly became my weakness! After realizing I would probably need quite a collection for my little girl, I thought to myself, I can probably make those! Brianna was a craft lover, always making new things and had big plans for herself as a stay at home mom. She quickly jumped on board to help me make bows, and well....the rest is history! :)

A little bit about Bri...

My name is Brianna or better known as Bri by most :) I am the proud mommy to a handsome 2 1/2 year old boy, Jayden Zechariah and a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl, Kaydence Aubrey..they are my whole life :) I have been married to my husband for almost 2 years! He is my best friend and one of the best dads I know! I love my life and feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my beautiful babies and run a business with my best friend that I enjoy doing SO much! I love everything about girlyness including bows, make up, clothes and the list could go on  forever! :) I love crafting in pretty much every form! I love photography and the art of it! I also am quite the fan of tattoos, with a tattoo artist for a husband I have quite alot :) I was born and raised in California..but we decided to take a turn and come back to my husbands roots out here in Maine, so this is where we currently reside...we are currently planning our move back home to California...YIPEE!!!

A little bit about Marley...

I am a working at home mommy of my two beautiful babies - Weston, who will be four at the end of this month, and Kennadie...who is now 13 months old. I am married to my very best friend, Kyle, who happens to be the greatest father in this world and my rock! I love to cook, swim, jump on the trampoline with my little munchkins, draw with sidewalk chalk, play "LaLa's" and have tea parties with my little lady, and practice baseball with my little man. I am constantly trying new things, and always adding to my resume. I LOVE making bows, painting, taking pictures and baking! I've become quite the cake pop lover. I have found a passion for photography and my new Canon camera, so I am here to capture every little moment. We are completely blessed in our lives and love to be outdoors taking advantage of every second in our beautiful Southern California weather! I am absolutely in awe of what this fun hobby has turned into for me! We have the most wonderful customers on this planet and I could not ask for more! Live.Laugh.Love. <3

Soooo YAY! We are excited for our blog and hope you are too! :)